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Bannack Days

One of Montana’s premier events, Bannack Days is here again. Click here for a schedule of the packed full weekend. Click here, for SouthWest Montana’s video of Bannack Days from a few years ago (you may have to scroll down a bit).  With exhibits, performances, meals, tours, demonstrations and music, Bannack days is one of […]

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Helena’s Hectic Houses

Helena’s architecture defies classification. To begin with it was a gold rush town—filled with saloons and brothels and dirt covered prospectors. Some of this remains in the tangled skein of roads that follow old footpaths, and in many buildings’ false-fronted western flair. In just a few short years, however, the town had become the epicenter […]

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A Tourist Region by any Other Name (would smell as sweet): What’s in a Name?

N.B. Our apologies for the title, it was to easy a reference to pass up. We thought about using “Wherefore art thou SouthWest Montana” but, frankly, have never been entirely sure of the meaning of “wherefore.”   Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting in a bar with a few friends and friends-of-friends. You say you blog […]

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abandoned farmhouse in a wheat field near Carter, Montana

Carter Ferry Dialogue

  “You folks know where you’re going?” “Highwood” “Good” “How many people use the ferry?” “Not very many any more” “What sort of people?” “What sort? Mostly good folks, like yourselves” “…”  “Tourists, a few locals still, mostly fishermen”                        

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