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Ashley Lake

Last weekend was not the rainiest most miserable camping trip I’ve ever been on. It was rainy, sure, but far from miserable. We went to Ashley Lake, about 25 miles west of Kalispell. Although surrounded by Flathead National Forest, there are quite a few private homes on the lake, which surprised me. After driving for […]

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Making a Home at the Homestead Cafe

The most seductive phrase in the English language is “Breakfast Served All Day.” Pair this with “Homemade Huckleberry Milkshakes” and you need look no further for your next meal. We found exactly such a place while driving through Lakeside: the Homestead Café. Part café, part antique store, everything is for sale at the Homestead. We […]

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Follow Lewis and Clark through Montana

Markers, monuments and interpretive centers scattered around the state bear witness to the time that the Lewis and Clark expedition spent in Montana. President Jefferson charged the expedition with the exploration of the Missouri River, with the hope that they would find the mythical Northwest Passage, a water route that would connect the Atlantic to […]

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To Tell or not to Tell: The Maclean Paradox

  Recently, Outside Bozeman ran an article in which they compared “Old Bozeman…when people were few, traffic was nonexistent, and real estate was available to folks without hedge funds.” To the Bozeman of today. In doing so, they stepped right into the middle of what I call the Norman Maclean Paradox. A quintessential Montanan, Maclean […]

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Aboard the Empire Builder

  The lounge car of the train, with its arching tinted windows, chrome inlays and sturdy vinyl seats evokes a mid-century glamour. Occasionally a conductor will stroll through, stomach straining the buttons on his vest, one thumb tucked into a vest pocket, importantly checking the big round face of the watch at his wrist, calling […]

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