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Montana Tourism Bills 2015

I have friends who are legal historians, they claim studying legislation is both exciting and interesting. But then, people will say just about anything to justify their graduate degrees. Whatever it takes to help you sleep at night, I guess. Do I find legislation exciting and interesting? Not always. Important? Yes. This year, the Montana […]

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The View from the Montana Capitol

The Serve Montana Awards

Every year the governor gives out the Serve Montana Awards in order to recognize outstanding volunteers who have dedicated their time and energy to the state. This year featured—in addition to a community coordinator, a volunteer firefighter, a high school mentor, an American Red Cross volunteer, a Medicare counselor, and the Thompson Falls Student Council—the […]

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Coming to Terms with Montana’s Modernism: Passing Judgement and Making Sweeping Statements about Modern Architecture

You may have noticed Montana’s modernist buildings, especially if you have spent any time around the campuses of the state. Modernist architecture is defined by blocky, flat-roofed buildings with unadorned aluminum beams dividing large pane windows, sometimes in different colors (and following no discernable pattern). Modernism emphasized functionality, and any sort of decoration on building […]

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Montana Weather…Just, What?

Here on the blog, we pride ourselves in being able to unravel questions people might have about Montana. We like to explain the odd quirks and strange tendencies that make our state so great.   Except for the weather. On that front (hah, see what I did there? A weather pun) we have nothing to […]

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