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HSTR 321: Helena and Its Origins

In one way or another, I am sure everyone has had the experience of saying, “let’s give it one last chance.”  Whether it was a relationship, hobby, business endeavor, or career path, the sentiment is far from foreign.  The Four Georgians, who are to thank for putting Helena, Montana on the map, also shared this […]

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The Montana State Park Where There is Ghost Writing

Fatigue grips your body. You have been travelling for hours with no shelter from the elements.  There is snow covering the ground and the wind is howling, freezing your extremities.  In the distance you hear the cry of a bobcat, and something rustles in a bush at your feet.  Along the horizon you make out […]

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What’s Up With Montana?

  You may have noticed that someone else has been writing some blogs. That is because, like the Sorcerer from Fantasia, I have been training up an apprentice. I have faith that she will prove at least as capable as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Why have I been training an apprentice? Because, like Master Yoda said, […]

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