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What Makes a Ghost Town?

Recently I was updating the SouthWest Montana ghost towns page. Some of the listings consisted of nothing more than part of an old mill, a few sheds, or the pit of a foundation. Others have been carefully preserved. Some flourish in continual celebrations of their past. Still others remain inhabited by people going about their […]

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In Which a Merry Christmas is Wished to All

Christmas is a time for spending with family and friends, but lots of people in Montana in the 1800s ended up spending Christmas away from their families. Miners, and lumberjacks, and railroad workers all ended up spending many Christmases in camps scattered across the unpopulated plains and mountains of Montana. It may seem bleak but, […]

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The Brawl of the Wild

This Saturday, at 12:10pm, the most important sporting event of the year begins. I am talking, of course, about the Brawl of the Wild, the Great Divide Trophy: Cat-Griz 2015. The University of Montana Grizzlies and the Montana State Bobcats have faced off on the football field every year since 1897. In its 115th year, […]

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The University of Montana

Before on the blog, I’ve talked about the intense pride Montanans have for the state. Well, the pride gets even more pronounced when we start talking about Universities. So I’m supposed to write a blog about the University of Montana, but where do I start? Do I start with the fact that Montana’s flagship University […]

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The Montana State Park Where an Oasis Awaits

The transition between the days of the buffalo and life on the reservation was not easy for the Native American peoples.  As the white men continued to move across the country, and settle in the west, the Native American way of life was undergoing immense changes that would forever affect the people.  Chief Plenty Coups […]

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