America’s Pastime

baseball display at the Montana Historical Society Museum

It is sometimes hard to imagine prospectors and cowboys playing baseball, but, in fact, Montanans have enjoyed baseball from the early days of the state (you can read more about Montana’s baseball history here). Today, four of the eight members of Pioneer League call Montana home. The Pioneer League is a rookie league–most of the … Read more


What do you want to see?

Our blogger needs your help! Do you have any Montana stories, facts or places you want to know more about? As we come up with blog posts, we would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter and, as always, you can send us an email at Below, … Read more


Yellowstone’s Winter Animals

Yellowstone National Park, Winter 2014

It may be hard to believe, but spring is creeping into Yellowstone. Baby bison are bouncing around, and shaggy elk are getting more active. But you may wonder how Yellowstone’s animals weather the winter cold. Here’s a list of some of the Park’s most iconic winter residents. With temperatures that usually hover around zero (Fahrenheit) … Read more