Montana Fall Roundup

fall river


Did you know that today is the first day of fall? Of course you do. Turns out, so do the people at Montana’s official tourism regions. Back in the old days, fall meant roundups. the big ranches would bring their cattle in from their summer pasture to winter them closer to home. Today, fall generally means less people as the fair-weather tourists flock to warmer climes. That’s their loss, I say. Montana’s fall–in addition to having wildly unpredictable weather–is one of the state’s best seasons.

If you’re in the SouthWest Montana area (or the video above piqued your interest) SouthWest Montana posted a “things to do in the fall” blog a few weeks ago with tons of great suggestions. And if you are into ghost stories, there’s probably no better place to be than SouthWest Montana in October.

Gayle over at Central Montana just took an awesome looking float trip down the Missouri, and you will want to read all about it before you plan your own fall excursion.

Montana Tia, the blogger for Glacier Country has posted a number (and that number is 3) of recent blogs about Glacier in the fall, pictures from this fall, and things to do.

In the Yellowstone area? There are a multitude of great activities that you can pursue this fall.

For fall wildlife viewing, few places compare to Montana’s Missouri River Country, especially if you want to listen to elk bugling.

In addition to amazing hunting, fall in Southeast Montana offers a riot of colors as the Cottonwoods and Aspens along the creeks and Yellowstone River turn to gold. fall is also a great time of year to view the wild beauty of the badlands. 


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