Videoing Yellowstone: Part 1

This May, Tempest videographer Mike Dreesman spent a week  in Yellowstone National Park, sleeping on an air mattress in the back of his van and living off of bologna sandwiches and peanut butter and honey, all so he could get the best possible video of the Park in spring. When he got home, he pulled some stills from his footage and sent over his audio journal of the trip. This is the first in a many part series based on his stories and pictures.

Adult and juvenile Great Horned owls, YNP

May in Yellowstone means babies. From fluffy owlets to scampering cubs, playful new life filled the park.

Sow and cub, YNP

The melting of the winter’s heavy snowpack also ensured vibrant bursting water falls, ripe for videoing.

Waterfalls, swollen with spring runoff, YNP After sunset, YNP

Of course, a trip to Yellowstone guarantees stunning scenery and dramatic sunsets, but for Mike, the highlight of the trip was the animals. Especially the babies.

Bison calf and yearling butt heads, YNP Bison Calves, YNP

He called this trip, “The most fun I’ve had filming wildlife in a long, long time,” and he has the pictures and stories to make that claim come to life.



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