A Glimpse of Glacier

Reynolds Creek Fire Update I’m sure many, if not all, of you have heard about the Reynolds Creek Fire that is burning in Glacier National Park.  I mean it’s national news, and has even been mentioned on the Today Show. The fire has burned around 4,000 acres, but Glacier National Park covers 1.1 million acres.  … Read more


The Backbone of the World

I remember taking a family road trip to Glacier National Park as a child.  Driving from Helena, MT to East Glacier, we carefully followed US 89 (a route known as the National Park to Park Highway as it connects twelve National Parks, but we will save that for another post).  As we followed the trail … Read more


Some Weekend Reading

Longboarding down the Beartooth Highway. Photo from National Geographic

I’m not going to lie, I spent a good deal of my morning reading other people’s tourism blogs. There are lots of really good reasons for reading the work of other people in your same line of business, but saying that I got sucked into a spiral of Facebook and Twitter links is the most … Read more