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West Yellowstone Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

Bears, when you get right down to it, are not graceful, noble creatures. Wolves now, wolves lope over the ground with thoroughbred grace. Whenever they stop, they do so with stoic aristocracy, striking poses like Greek statues. Bears shamble. At once bow-legged and pigeon-toed, they amble snuffling through the world, and run like furry bowling […]

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Videoing Yellowstone: Part 7

Serendipity Photographers spend a lot of time waiting for shots that never happen, and thinking about shots they missed. But sometimes shots spring up on you with no warning whatever. Initially Mike drove right past this moose sighting near Norris Geyser Basin, thinking that the shadows and lighting were bad. After a while of driving […]

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Videoing Yellowstone: Part 6

The Photographers’ Club One of the things that Mike enjoyed most about his Yellowstone trip was the camaraderie that develops between the photographers. Wildlife photography involves a lot of downtime, a lot of sitting and waiting for an animal to appear, or for an animal to do something interesting. Mike spent this time chatting with […]

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Bearjam, YNP

Videoing Yellowstone: Part 3

Bearjams Although rewarding, photographing animals is “always hit and miss. Sometimes you’re late to the party, and sometimes, you know, you start the party. You spot the animal first, and it’s not long—especially if you’re on a road—before other folks join you.” An animal sighting, any animal sighting, draws huge crowds. Traffic slows to a […]

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